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Lars Andersson
In English

A pict of Lars

Lars is one of those persons wich always has a lot of things in the air. Always there is something happening somewhere. He has an incredible speed and motivation in the most things he does, at least in the beginning. After a while everything tends to become like castles made out of sand.... But a few things he has managed to accomplish in life. For example the military service (you have to do it in Sweden :( ) And a few education's at the university of Stockholm. And started a company together with his brother, wich concerns one of his primary interests in life. Photography.

Yes, the most in his past is not so interesting, but maybe we should mention that he is born at Danderyds Hospital a winter morning in January 1971. He spent childhood in Täby north of Stockholm. Went to high school in Tibble gymnasium, majored in economics and moved from home already at 17 years of age, to his parents joy.

The teens he speeded in different training halls for martial arts an as a grafitipainter on some of Stockholm's uncountable grey and boring concrete walls. After a conviction in court for "damage to public property" as the case about a beautiful painting was called these night time activities seized.

The first apartment he moved in too was his brothers (Peter), when Peter left to Gothenburg to study for three years and needed someone "trusty and reliable" to to rent his apartment. To survive only on his study fee from the state wich is relay small when you are under 18, and a tiny salary he had to use some tricks wich was not good for his morals. Such as visiting friends wich lived with their parents, just in time for their supper, all by coincident of course, stealing toilet paper from public toilets, and taste a chunk of everything while he was working behind the delicate desk in a large food store. When the light bulbs broke, he went down in the basement and exchanged the broken ones with fresh ones. Yes, all of these activities made sure that his invetioness and fantasy was sharp. As the old saying goes. The need is all inventions mother.

As soon as he finished high school he started to work full time at the large food store. He got stuck there for two years, an unusual long time for such a restless person. Under this time hi was educated as a "detail" butcher and learned a lot about delicatesses. The names of some strange and less strange fishes seems to have clanged on in his memory.

But well, under this time he had developed his interest and skill in Photography. In the beginning most for picking up girls, but soon in curiosity for how the world changed through a camera lens, and drunk by the mighty gift of rendering the world as you like.

So he quitted his job, and started at a Photographic school called Kulturama for one year. This he liked a lot, you can tell for sure when you read his diary notes from this time. He only meet people who shared his interest 24 hour a day. Uncountable was the many nights he spent in the darkroom together with his classmates.

After he finished this school he started the company "one and a half photographer". His brother is the half and he is the whole Photographer, at least if you ask Lars, if you ask his brother Peter the answer would be reversed.

My brother Peter

His work within the company did only last for a few years, then the restlessness struck upon him again. This time it sent him to the university of Stockholm. The company does still exist for sure, but nowerdays it´s digital imaging, HTML programming, database developing and programs with strange names which takes all his free time.

He has studied archaeology, advanced practical Swedish and Art history so far. Probably just to receive his monthly student loan. At the same time he seems to suffer because he doesn't do all those things that should be possible to do. For example to work more in the company and travel around the world as a photographer.

Lars probably has no firm plans for the future. He seems to get stressed by the fact that everyone around him has a so precise plan for the future or what the want to spend the rest of their life doing.

Lars has a very sceptical approach to most things, a lot of people has been upset by his tendency to control if things the say are true or not. Not because he thinks that they are wrong, no, rather it seems like he doesn't believe anything until he has checked it out himself. For example he always skims through the paper recycling pile before he recycles it, just to be sure that nothing important has fallen into the bags.

He loves to cook, but has big problems with letting anybody else enter the kitchen. The latest year he has improved greatly thou. His ex girlfriend Annelie was allowed to cook after a one year relation, that´s progress. But Lars of course gives here important advice all the time.

He is an atheist of course. Cares about the environment and has decided to become a member of Amnesty International just to get rid of his bad consciousness. Getting rid of his bad consciousness is among one of his favourite things. Most of the things he does can be connected to his bad consciousness. Not because he has high moral standards, no rather the other way round. But all those things wich you ought to do gives him a pain in the stomach if he doesn't do them. So to me it seems that the most things he does in life he does because other people wants him to do it.

He is very aware that he "hasn't" got to do this things. You can see that on his grades from high school. It´s not that his not intelligent. He´very smart, but you newer notice because he always talks so much that it´s hard to notice.

Approximately twice a year he gets "Got to organise my life" fits. Then all the papers (and everything else also) get systematically organised and put into binders. You should see him, right now by the way he is in one of those fits. It´s time for the company to finish the tax report. And of course Lars does this since he majored in economics. The burden is heavy - so soon he will sit at a table with hundreds of receipts and verifications in a big disorder, drinking large amounts of tea. And maybe for once get it finished in time, in order to NOT get the disgusting fine that the company receives every year for leaving "late tax report"

Lars interest is not so many. He likes to spend time in the nature, hiking in the snowy mountains in Sweden, and to fish of course. Every year he spends a few weeks outdoors. Last year it was a canoeing trip and some hiking. Other interest include reading, skating in the archipelago on "long ice skates" and eat good food together with his friends.

Lars is 27 years old and has long hair, drags his feet when he walks and was dressed in a shirt, jeans, home made thick socks and a pair of "fast" sunglasses when he wrote this.

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